CommTech Systems has developed and assembled VME systems for testing communications networks.  Rugged prototypes for testing repair and replacement modules in critical command and control systems for the military and for industrial commercial applications.

CommTech Systems has developed and assembled Radio Relays for mobile Command and Control Systems.  These are used in Civil Emergencies, and allow communications among First Responders, with different communications architectures.

Our Goal is to provide a competent alternative to internal prototype development.  By providing the integration, test, and configuration management; for the product developer.

By allowing the developer to focus on the developing a design that will meet their customer requirements, we believe we can reduce cost and improve customer responsiveness.  When internal prototype development is not the solution we have the experience to provide for low costs alternative.

We provide low level prototype production manufacturing for Engineering Design Models (EDM), systems integration, and environmental testing.  For the most part customers are interested in low initial runs to test device integration, to validate requirements, manufacturing cost estimates, and environmental design.